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Our ERP solutions consulting firm 

Reflex-ERP, a team of experts at your disposal

Reflex-ERP is a subsidiary of the Reflex Solutions group specializing in the management of ERP projects. Our highly knowledgeable and skilled experts are at your disposal to help you to meet all of your requirements.

Reflex-ERP helps companies to optimize their data management. ERP is an increasingly common tool. Initially designed and used by large companies to streamline the distribution of information between their various establishments, it is now used by many SMEs and VSEs.
Due to the growing popularity of this tool, an increasing number of publishers are seeking to gain a foothold in this market. Customers seeking a solution are therefore faced with a complex choice between diverse and varied products.

Finding the best ERP solution for your companyReflex-ERP is here to help!

Reflex-ERP provides concrete, effective solutions suited to your structure and your environment. Our experts adapt their proposals to your actual needs. Supporting you with all your projects, we offer you advice about your system and solutions during the study phase and then guide you in your choices.

Our experts are trained to focus on effectiveness, performance and quality. We offer you the opportunity to entrust your project to an expert, and to download white papers and specifications free-of-charge in order to better comprehend a future infrastructure change.

Our services

Drafting specifications

Analysis of the audit of your system

Defining your needs

Writting your request for proposal

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Your ERP project

Our team will guide you in achieving your ERP project.

ERP Specifications

Thanks to our tool, draft your on-line and free ERP specifications

ERP solutions

ERP adapted to every business sector. Find the one which corresponds to you !


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Reflex-ERP is a consulting firm in solutions ERP. We cover : the analysis of your current system, the drafting of your specifications, the assistant to the selection of the solutions and the advice in infrastructure. We provide you with a list of the software vendors and the ERP solutions as well as a classification of the ERP by branch. We propose you a customized help in the choice and the implementation of your ERP project. Furthermore, we also offer you the possibility of consulting our on-line free documentation: ERP white papers, ERP specifications and diverse ERP documents.