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Summing up ERP solutions and software

The essential role of an ERP solution is to bring together all essential management functions such as Human Resources, customer relations, production, finance, accounting, purchases.

It therefore allows the management of all corporate operational processes. Each of these processes is managed by a module. All ERP modules are independent of each other but share a unique and joint database. An ERP initially comprises two modules: accounting and management.  Other modules are added based on the needs of the company.

For a few years now, the management software package market has been largely shaped by the appearance of many types of ERP solution. ERP solutions are now an essential tool that can be adapted to all types of company. However, the implementation of an ERP solution can rapidly turn into a nightmare for a company. Companies often dread implementing an ERP solution, which they often consider to be too expensive, too inflexible and too restrictive.

However, using a system of this kind can be very advantageous for a company. In the past, inter-department communication was not always deemed necessary. The previously independent and unrelated projects and development of each division often resulted in inconsistencies in a company’s information system. To tackle this issue, and therefore to promote interaction between departments, software publishers created ERP solutions. The first ERP solution was created by the SAP design office in 1992 with the SAP R/3 offer. This gave rise to the modern computer infrastructure, founded on a single and unique database, to which applications and interfaces are added.

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Reflex-ERP is a consulting firm in solutions ERP. We cover : the analysis of your current system, the drafting of your specifications, the assistant to the selection of the solutions and the advice in infrastructure. We provide you with a list of the software vendors and the ERP solutions as well as a classification of the ERP by branch. We propose you a customized help in the choice and the implementation of your ERP project. Furthermore, we also offer you the possibility of consulting our on-line free documentation: ERP white papers, ERP specifications and diverse ERP documents.