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Sapphire 2012 : SAP completes its mobile apps range

During the Sapphire conference (14 – 16 May) SAP unveiled expense claim form management. This is to enable workers of a company to register their expense claim forms as they go, and to avoid summing them up at the end of the month or mission. Another app deals with e-learning. It provides an access to training content from the iPad. A third app, Customer Briefing, is designed for travelling sales forces and enables them to see in real time the data concerning costumers within the CRM apps frame.

From now on, over 70 mobile apps would accordingly have been released by SAP and its partners, according to a press release of the vendor. The latter, also has announced an HTML5 version of its iPad SAP Store. It has also revamped its mobile app stores, for iOS in iTunes and for Android.

Managing its mobile devices in the Amazon cloud.

When it comes to mobility, SAP also declared mobile device management tool Afaria, acquired after taking over Sybase, was now available on Amazon cloud. Setting up Afaria 7.0 on AWS will provide companies with an easy way to carry it out, according to the German editor.

Afaria 7.0 now complies with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browsers, besides Microsoft IE. The tablet version of the app also has been improved. 


Sage forms a partnership with Windows Azure to develop its own Cloud soluti

Sage announces the launch for 2013 of solutions which will enable the interoperabnility with Windows Office 365. The editor has the ambition to attract SMEs into the Cloud.

The British editor will work with Microsoft to develop its own software and ERP solutions on the Windows Azure platform.

Europe will be Sage’s first target : in Spain and in the UK will be developed Sage 200, a customer relationship management pack which will be completed with new business intelligence and finance features.  



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