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The different types of ERP software

Are you looking to install or replace an ERP solution in your infrastructure? The IT market offers an abundance of solutions. How do you find the solution that best corresponds to your needs and to your activity sector?

It is important and vital that you understand the different types of software available on the market in order to find those which are best suited to you.

The list of types of ERP software

» Industry CAMM

Find the ERP solution best suited to your core industrial activity!

» Business management

As a service company, find the ERP solution that is best for you!

» Sales management

Due to the specific nature of your business activity, opt for the ERP solution best suited

» Point-of-sale management

Find the ERP solution that is best adapted to the retail sector!

» Project management

An ERP solution adapted to project management is the key to your success!

» Transportation/WMS Management

Find the solution that is best adapted to transportation and logistics!

» Agri-food CAMM

An ERP solution designed for the needs of the agri-food sector, an essential tool!

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Your ERP project

Our team will guide you in achieving your ERP project.

ERP Specifications

Thanks to our tool, draft your on-line and free ERP specifications

ERP white paper and specifications

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Reflex-ERP is a consulting firm in solutions ERP. We cover : the analysis of your current system, the drafting of your specifications, the assistant to the selection of the solutions and the advice in infrastructure. We provide you with a list of the software vendors and the ERP solutions as well as a classification of the ERP by branch. We propose you a customized help in the choice and the implementation of your ERP project. Furthermore, we also offer you the possibility of consulting our on-line free documentation: ERP white papers, ERP specifications and diverse ERP documents.